Adam of the Road is an inspiring book about a young boy who takes on many challenges. Adam is a young boy who strives to be a minstrel just like his father, Roger. When his father comes and picks him up from school, Adam and his dog Nick go with Roger to serve as minstrels. On their journeys Adam has to face many challenges, including running away from a robber and his gang, swimming across a river to try to catch a ferry, and running through the streets of a town trying to chase down another minstrel who has stolen Nick. There are many themes that go along with this book, but the one that affects me the most is to never give up on anything. Adam could have given up on trying to find his dog Nick and his dad Roger plenty of times, but he kept on looking and it definitely paid off in the long run. This is a great book full of action and adventure. I would advise anyone who is looking for a quick, interesting read to try Adam of the Road. I would rate this book at 4 stars. Reading this book was definitely a treat to me.
- Jaken-cms Jaken-cms Jan 24, 2008