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Arthurian legend has been around for over 1000 years. As time has passed the legend has been changed and modified, so many different aspects of the legend can be told.
OriginsSome people believe that there had been a “real Arthur”. Except his name had probably not been Arthur, it could have been something like Arturus. Arturus had been a Romano-British general against the Saxons. The people mainly credited with starting Arthurian Legend would be Geoffrey of Monmouth, Robert de Boron, Chretien de Troyes, and Sir Thomas de Malory. Geoffrey of Monmouth, a cleric, had been best known for writing //Historia Regum Britanniae//or History of the Kings of Britain. Robert de Boron, a French poet during the 13th century, contributed to the legend of Arthur by authoring Joseph d’Arimathe and Merlin. Chretien de Troyes, a 12th century French poet, had been accredited with creating the character “Lancelot”, and writing the book Yvain, the Knight of the Lion. Sir Thomas Malory, an English author, wrote Le Morte d’Arthur(Taylor ).
ArthurThe Arthu
king arthur.jpg
King Arthur
r in legend, born the illegitimate son of Uther Pendragon and Igraine, Duchess of Cornwall, grew up not knowing of his royal lineage. After he had been born Merlin took him to Sir Kay, who raised Arthur. Arthur learned of his legacy when he pulled a sword from a block of solid stone. Some believe this sword to be Excalibur, others think it may have just been a sword, like any other. Either way the action of pulling the sword from, the stone gave him his kingdom. As king, Arthur created the Knights if the Round Table, married princess Guinevere, had his knights lead quests for the Holy Grail, and in the end, it has been believed he died in battle. In his final battle had been said to have fought against Mordred. Mordred, either Arthur’s son or nephew, depending on which version of the legend will be told
("Arthur" 45).

Uther Pendragon and IgraineUther Pendragon and Igraine, Duchess of Cornwall, had Arthur. Uther fell in love with Igraine, but she had been married to the Duke of Cornwall. His love for Igraine led him to ask Merlin for magical help. Merlin used his magic to cast a spell on Uther so that Igraine would see him as her husband. When he came to her, she conceived a child, Arthur. Soon after she learned that her husband had been killed in battle, and after Arthur had been born she learned that it had been Uther who had come to her. ("King Arthur" Merit )

Camelot, the favorite castle of King Arthur, had been first mentioned in literature in Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart which had been written by Chretien de Troyes. Over the years the castle has had many different spellings, but most recently it has been spelled as “Camelot”. In Camelot Arthur and Guinevere marry, there had been many tombs of knights, and it holds the Round Table in its chambers. Camelot also holds jousting tournament s in the open meadows nearby. Eventually Camelot fell when it had been destroyed by King Mark of Cornwall, this happened after the death of Arthur. ("King Arthur" )

The Round Table/the Knights of the Round TableThe round table had been created by Arthur to show equality, there had not been any head or any end, so no one person
The round table.jpg
The Knights of the Round Table
could be more important than any other. Some of the most notable knight of the round table would be King Arthur, Sir Gawain, Sir Lancelot, Sir Perceval, Sir Galahad, Sir Bors the Younger, Sir Kay, Sir Gareth, Sir Bedivere, Sir Lucan, Sir Griffet, Sir Yvain, Sir Erec, Sir Cador, Sir Hoel, Sir Pellinor, Sir Tristan, Sir Palemedes, Sir Dinadan, and Sir Mordred. There had been other knights as well, but the previous list had been of the most famous. All the knights of a round table had to follow a code of chivalry. The knights had to swear to this code and promise to live by it. The code included: to never do outrage nor murder, always to flee treason, to by no means be cruel but to give mercy unto him who asks, to always do ladies, gentlewomen and widows succor, to never force ladies, gentlewomen or widows, and not to take up battles in wrongful quarrels for love or worldly goods. The knights of the round also went on quests, one of which had been the quest for the Holy Grail. (Taylor )

The Holy GrailThe Holy Grail had been believed to be the cup that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper. The Grail first appeared in
the holy grail.jpg
The Holy Grail
literature in a story written by Chretien de Troyes called Perceval, le Conte du Graal. The Knights of the Round Table went on quests in search of the Holy Grail. It had been believed that Sir Galahad found the Holy Grail in Arthurian Legend. ("King Arthur" Merit)

ExcaliburExcalibur, the magical sword that had been used by King Arthur. In different stories Arthur obtained the sword differently. In one version, he pulled Excalibur from the stone, and became king. Then later on the sword had been thrown into a lake, and the Lady of the Lake returned Excalibur to Arthur. In another version, the sword he pulled from the stone had not been Excalibur, but pulling it from the stone did make him king. Later Excalibur had been given to him by the Lady of the Lake, and that consolidated his kingdom. ("King Arthur" )
AvalonAvalon, the mystical isle, where Arthur had been taken after his battle with Mordred so that he could heal. In his battle with Mordred, he killed Mordred but had been mortally wounded. He had to be taken to Avalon for healing. Legend has it that one day King Arthur will return to protect his homeland of England. ("King Arthur" Merit)
GuinevereGuinevere had been the wife of King Arthur. Princess Guinevere had been the daughter of King Leodegrance, who served
under King Uther. When Arthur, defending her father’s kingdom met Guinevere, the fell in love. Once they became married, soon after Lancelot showed up and Guinevere instantly fell for him. Once they had been discovered Lancelot ran for his life and Guinevere had been scheduled to burned at the stake. Lancelot appears and rescues Guinevere from burning. Arthur wages a war of revenge against Lancelot, and while Lancelot had been busy fighting Arthur he leaves Guinevere in the hands of Mordred. Althoguh Mordred plans to take Guinevere and Arthur’s kingdom. In different versions of the legend Guinevere had been abducted, in some by Melwas and in others by Mordred. She eventually becomes seduced my Mordred and marries him. ("King Arthur")

Merlin had been the wizard who cast a spell on Uther so that he would appear to Igraine as her husband. Merlin has been referred to as Merlin, Merlin Ambrosius, or Myrddin Emrys. Once Arthur became king, Merlin became one of his advisors. He had also been the one to
merlin 2.jpg
take Arthur away from Uther and Igraine.

("King Arthur" Merit 56)

The Lady of the LakeThe lady of the lake happens to be the ruler of Avalon. She also gives Arthur Excalibur. She playsthe lady of the lake.jpg a very pivotal role in the legend. It has been said that Merlin fell for the lady of the lake, but she would not love him until he taught her all he knew in magic. The lady of the lake can also be called Viviane Ninianne, or Nimue. Either way she uses the power that she learned from Merlin to trap him in his crystal cave. The lady of the lake reclaimed Excalibur after it had been thrown back into the lake, after the battle of Camlann. The lady of the lake had been also one of the four queens that took Arthur to Avalon after the battle of Camlann. ("King Arthur" 201)
MordredMordred a boy who may either be Arthur’s son or nephew. Either way in the battle of Camlann Arthur and Mordred fought against each other. Mordred also stole away Arthur’s queen and kingdom. In the battle of Camlann Arthur had been able to kill Mordred, and Mordred mortally wounded Arthur. ("King Arthur" Merit)

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